Big Bin 3.2


3200L side-load polyethylene container

The new Big.Bin is a container designed to help humanize the city. Its clean shapes approach it to the domestic sphere, seeking greater empathy with the user.

Its gentle and rounded forms create an organic volume easy to integrate in any environment, making it perfect for city centres, parks or residential areas.

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Designed in every detail

Each piece of the Big Bin is designed and manufactured to exactly meet their function, we have chosen the best materials to ensure long life and comfort while maintaining its usability.

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User lid

Designed for maximum comfort.

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Highly resistant, endows the container a long life.

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Lid Shaft

Fixed axis, mounted directly on the belt.

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Emptying lid

Very resistant and with a size that allows effective emptying.

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Very short haul with open of over 5x multiplier.

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Explanatory with examples for easy recycling.

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The Dual Structure Belt (DSB), together with the upper crossbar and the lower platform in galvanized steel, provide the container with an extraordinary resistance, avoiding distortions caused by hoisting efforts or vandalism and maintaining its functionality over time. (lid opening, pedal adjustment, progressive closing...)

Its sturdy construction and material allow the lid to remain in perfect conditions with no alterations or imbalances over time, supporting all kind of efforts.

Weatherproof. UV protection.

A lid for each use

The user lid, with smaller dimensions makes it comfortable, lightweight, and offers smooth support systems to opening and closing.

The large emptying lid allows emptying more effectively, besides having assisted opening and high impact resistance.

Opciones de reciclaje


de reciclaje

Preparados para el futuro del control de accesos, adaptadas a la normativa y con cada color asociado a cada residuo para fomentar las buenas prácticas.

Diferentes modelos (de izquierda a derecha):

  • - Tapa con reducción interior
  • - Tapa con acceso libre
  • - Tapa con bocas de selectivo

Avaliable in 2 color combinations

You can choose from two different color combinations, always using neutral tones and distinctive colors to separate waste.

Un diseño con reconocimiento

En la edición de los Premios de Diseño A’ de 2013, el Big Bin ha sido condecorado con el premio Platino en la categoría de mobiliario urbano, una de las 80 categorías que posee este premio internacional.

Este contenedor, diseñado por el estudio gallego FrutoDS, ha sido elegido entre más de 5.000 proyectos presentados de 141 nacionalidades diferentes. Este premio representa la apuesta que realiza el equipo de Formato Verde por la calidad.

Más información en:

Big Bin: A container to last

  • If we analyze its basic structure, the container is constructed from a double ring structure, with the ring belt as horizontal axis and the structure of the bottom rail form a vertical ring. Both together, give the whole a big resistance to impacts.
  • Its centerpiece, the belt, is constructed with a large safety factor, allowing you to load more than 3 tons independently; much more load you have to load in any circumstance.
  • The cable of the pedal is made of braided steel, coated with a sliding protector which causes it to move smoothly inside the cover.
    At the same time, the cover has an interlaced steel which makes it a much more durable assembly.
  • The containers are exposed to a lot of dirt, so the Big Bin was designed with smooth and convex shapes, with a dual purpose: protecting the internal mechanisms and facilitate cleaning.

Designed for maximum comfort

  • The pedal has a multiplier which makes movement with the minimum run, it can achieve a maximum opening and comfortable.
    It is built separate, so always keep to the correct height for use.
  • The opening of the container is its interaction with the user primary. Therefore there are two cylinders to the opening assist, open with a force of only 1Kg. , So the pedal is not absolutely necessary.
  • Selecting waste is not an easy task sometimes. The graphics that are installed in the Big Bin make recycling easier with many examples of residues, and resolve Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Although you can see it, the noise has been one of the key factors in comfort.
    The Polyethylene is manufactured from, simplified mechanisms and cushions, make discharges quieter.
  • Closed container

    Technical Description:
    Big Bin- UNE-EN12574-1-2-3 - 3200L - 3 – B -1280

    Capacity: 3200 l

    A. 1880 mm

    B. 1519 mm

    C. Altura tapa: 1250 mm

    D. 1250mm

    E. 240 mm

    F. 478 mm

    G. 1760 mm

    H. 1450 mm

    J. 1034 mm

  • Open container

    Capacity: 3200 l

    L1. mín 450 mm

    L2. mín 825 mm

    O. 1725 mm

    P. 1390 mm

    Q. 780 mm

    R. 780 mm