Oil Cabinet


Contenedor para aceite doméstico

The Oil Cabinet was designed to house a 120 or 240 litre container. The user opens the lid and deposits the filled and sealed bottle of used cooking oil.

This helps to: improve hygiene, by reducing accidental spills; facilitate the recycling process, because the user doesn’t have to take the empty bottle back home.




Re-use of the plastic container

With Oil Cabinet it is possible e-use of the plastic container used to deposit the used oil in the Oil Cabinet.

This way the deposit process is more convenient and simple.




  • Plastic handle screwed onto the drum
  • Aperture adapted for the disposal of plastic oil bottles. This consists of an orange lacquered metal plate which helps identify the type of waste, and a circular hole in the middle of the plate for the disposal of bottles. It features a rubber lining fitted just inside the aperture which conceals the inside of the container.
  • Gas cylinders for easy opening of the lid.
  • Hooks for installing the Cabinet on the street.